Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Driver's Ed.

Today I learned how to drive on the left side of the road!! It was quite an experience, but I am a beast so it didn't take me long to learn..haha. It was weird because the steering wheel is on the right side, and the blinker and windshield wiper levers were switches. I only mixed them up once so as I was turning my windshield wiper was swooshing like crazy :)

I have been in training with a first grade class, and half of them will be my students starting in April!! (2nd grade) The other half will come from the other 1st grade class. Can I just say that Japanese kids are soooooooooooooooooooooo darn cute? Well, they are. Every single one of them. Sometimes when they overhear teachers talking above their level they will yell out, "What is that?!?!" translation: "What are you saying?!" They want to know what we're saying at all times haha

On a happy note...Japan believes in Chocolate and many other treats in the sweet variety. I went shopping for snacks yesterday and came home with 3 chocolate bars, 2 ice cream cups, and one waffle cone ice cream sandwich. I also ran across the most delicious candy: haichu? I'm not sure how to spell it (think taffy/gum but dissolves quicker than both and you can swallow..unlike gum). I am not usually a candy person, but I can't stop buying it! Oh, I also buy this koala bear icing filled cookie (think pizza roll but crispy and not juicy or hot).

Anyway, I love and miss you Americans.

Phrase of the day: Choto Mate -- Take it easy. Or my favorite translation--Easy Tiger