Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am an official teacher!

High School
I started my 10th grade English Lessons on Thursday night. I was a little nervous because at my boss decided to give me 4 extra students at the last minute, but I decided I could handle it...since I only had 6 girls at the time. As we walked into the room I went to the white board to cover the Japanese classes' work. As I was doing this I heard a student say "Beautiful!"so, I turned around and uncovered the work and asked if they were talking about the cute anime characters. Then the girl said, "No. You are beautiful." I was immediately in love with my class. The class was extremely fun, and I learned about several new J-Pop being Arashi. I am excited to continue that class two nights a week.

Immersion Friends Club (2nd Grade)
Friday (yesterday) was my first day as a 2nd grade teacher! I already knew all of my students because I have subbed in their classes. It was so fun see their faces when they found out I was their teacher. We placed all the students in lines according to grade. Then, our boss divided each grade into different classes. The last two days we have been practicing routines for the new school year, and we have been reading/reciting the curriculum. Today was finally a nice day so we were able to play outside without jackets!! (This is so nice because we have played outside since I've been here. That means we were playing outside in freezing weather...who cares if there's snow on the ground?) Oh, our class name is Dinosaurs!!! So, I have decorated my room with cute dinos on the wall, whiteboards, and students' papers :)

Word of the day: Sashin
Translation: Picture

I used sashin when I took a picture with a Japanese boy who was wearing a shirt with "Wilson" on the front.